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I love people’s stories, whether told or written upon their face. I am attracted to interesting, characterful people and the things at the edges, not the middle of the road. I am fascinated by the opposing ends of photography, the fantastical, quirky, surreal and also the

stripped back, no-nonsense, gritty reality.

After Art college, a photography degree, and four years as a London advertising photographer's assistant, I set up as a professional photographer... then ran away to the Circus...

Fifteen years later, after multiple world tours as a slack-rope walker

- while continuing to photograph performers for their show promo material, I am now settled in one place with the zest of life, actively seeking people to portray, out and about or in my studio in London Fields, Hackney.  It is an ongoing journey of discovery that still inspires me to continue photographing people and their stories.

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