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The last Travelling Steam Powered Fun-Fair - End of the road -        The Last Waltz(er)

The wheels of Carters fantastically painted trucks stopped turning and came to the end of the road. Its an end of a wonderfully colourful era as the final tour came to pass in November 2022. It was the largest travelling vintage funfair in the world. 

Carters Steam Fair is an incredible collection of beautiful historical rides dating from 1890s to 1960s that would otherwise have been lost,.

Over the years I often visited them when it was in London … I loved it. It was like going back in time, the thrills, spills and screams are still the same as ever, predating computers and CGI entertainment. It was foolish to underestimate the Victorian engineering, as these were white knuckle rides for sure.

It is owned and run by the Carter family. It has been on the road since 1977 when the late John Carter, purchased his first vintage steam powered fairground ride – The Gallopers. Over the past 40 years they have been rescuing and restoring vintage fairground rides and attractions taking them on tour around South East England. They are a highly skilled restoration team and absolute masters of the art of signwriting.

When hearing the sad news of it was going to be the final tour I was compelled to photograph them before it all disappears.

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